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Camping Nyyssänniemi 040 700 2308 Y-tunnus: 2150686-0 Kauppiaan ehdot

Nyyssänniemi has 22 cottage. The cottages can accommodate four persons in two bunk beds. The cottages have a small kitchenette with a refrigerator. Stoves are available if needed. All cottages have terraces facing the beautiful Keurusselkä lake. Cottages are situated close to main services.


Cooking shelter

Here you can enjoy a picnic lunch or have a romantic evening barbecue while being protected from possible rain and wind. The cooking shelter is available for cooking, whether you choose to prepare your food on fire, an electric stove or in an traditional or microwave oven. You can also wash your dishes in the shelter.

Service facilities

There is a service building with eight toilets with showers. Here you can also find sorting for household waste and need waste collection (septitanks) and gray water collection.